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Re: Fitzmagic thread

Originally Posted by MissouriSkin View Post
So I donít mean this in a snarky way, Iím genuinely what would your plan be with the worst starting QB play in the league...only one NFL caliber receiver....the only worthwhile TE on the roster is a converted QB....your OL starts Geron Christian and Wes Martin....and your best RB is a rookie with no training camp or offseason and was a WR 6 months earlier....whatís your plan? Honestly Iím amazed we did as well as we did. I think youíll see a much better and well designed offense this year.
This is exactly how I see it.

It's pretty obvious that Turner did adjust his offense last year, due to what he had (or didn't have) at his disposal. He was pretty handcuffed for the better part of the season, and it is amazing they had any success at all really.

This year the talent at every position group on offense is improved, more healthy, and will have a full offseason to prepare.

He will have no excuses.
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