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Re: Coronavirus (sports edition) thread

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
It’s actually not. This is more white progressives speaking for minorities ala voter id fake excuse of poc “don’t have the ability to get ids” which have been repeated over and over. This is misinformation and a convenient excuse for Democratic run cities and federal government to explain their failures in unvaccinated numbers with the groups. The main reasons minority groups aren’t getting vaccinated are literally inline with white and other ethic groups. In Richmond the mayor said the main reason given on survey information within the city just a month or two ago was “busy, life got in the way” with concerns about side effects second. When you actually break down the data, poor folks…white and black..align but you know the media isn’t gonna push the truth…they rather divide people with racial, political false narratives. That sells.
This is that dumb shit you're always on, stop drinking the Faux News kool-aid Chico. Nobody is saying minorities deliberately don't want/don't have the ability to get ID's or any of that other dumb shit.

I literally work in a shop where minorities make up a strong percentage of my coworkers. Asian, Black, Latino. They have all said at various points they don't believe COVID is dangerous (the flu is more dangerous is a very common line) and they don't trust the government. Now am I saying that my generalizations should be applied to the majority of the population? No. But I see the same shit on FB and when that seems to be the overwhelming opinion for people who haven't gotten vaccinated I tend to believe that more than "I haven't had the time." The vaccine has been publicly available for months now, there is no shortage anywhere and no more lines to wait in. That line works during the first couple months when lines were outrageous, but you can't keep repeating it for months on end especially when you can be in and out in under an hour.
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