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Re: Coronavirus (sports edition) thread

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
Educate yourself. In the 1930s the government enrolled only African Americans in a study, without telling them it was a study, and promised them free health care in exchange. Those who had syphilis were eligible. They studied the long term effects of the disease, and despite the fact that a treatment was available, it was never given. They studied these people for 40 years to see what would happen.

That's human experimentation. It's one thing if you're signing up for a clinical trial for a cancer drug, knowing that it may not work, and they explain your chances and the theory and exactly what they'll be giving to you... and then they actually give you exactly what they say they would give you.

It's entirely different to conduct trials like this without telling people the deal.

There are very valid, deep-seated trust issues between the minority communities and the medical establishment.
This is one of the most sickening things I've ever read about in my life. So fucking terrible. I could definitely see how that could sew mistrust, even today. It really wasn't that long ago.
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