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Re: NFL Training Camps Open. What's newsworthy to you?

Originally Posted by JoeRedskin View Post
I just could not imagine something like the Giants' brawl happening on this team. I am not saying it absolutely couldn't, but I just don't think

(1) Rivera would let it get to that point. Something like that doesn't just happen out of the blue. Extra words, extra shoves during practice, grumbling in meetings and on the sidelines about a player or players play in practice, etc. I just think Rivera and his coaches have a better ear to the ground than that; and

(2) There are probably a few, but I just don't think the players here would be jumping into something like that. I also imagine if something really started there are several players who would be breaking it up (Allen, McClaurin jump to mind probably Young as well). It's just not this team.
There was one that sparked off on Friday and the teammates kept it in check and Rivera kept his cool as well.

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