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Re: WFT 2021 Pre-Season Games Thread

I want to win 52-7 and have grumpy cheating BB stand there in his press conf and keep repeating "Were on to philadelphia".

Fuck Brian Belichick, fuck his gold digging horse faced wife, I hope his childhood home in Annapolis burns down and his mom gets pushed down the stairs by his father trying to escape because "like father, like son".

Fuck Boston for that matter. If NJ is the arm pit of America, Boston is like the cancerous tumor growing on the shoulder. Has anyone ever actually been to Boston? No, you know why? Because is fawking sawks. When has a co-worker ever said "my family is really excited to go visit Boston next week". Depression capital of the world. Smoke cigarettes and stand outside a DD in your flannel and neck beard.

You know why their covid numbers are so low? bc Covid was like "fuck that, I aint going to Boston." Lung cancer is the no. 1 killer of Bostonians right after drunk driving.

I hate Boston.

Fuck you Boston.
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