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Re: WFT Free Agency


Mitchell Trubisky - Chicago Bears: A classic example of why quarterbacks with very limited college experience that are completely over-drafted should, we say, be avoided in the college selection process.

Trubisky finished reasonably strong last year, and his touchdown-to-turnover numbers are better than most fans and pundits think ... but he's not much of a play-maker. He's not a player who can take you on his back.

But ... Rivera has mentioned in older interviews that he and the Carolina Panthers liked Trubisky coming out of North Carolina. Is that the way he still feels?

Other Candidates: Jameis Winston, Tyrod Taylor, Andy Dalton, Colt McCoy, Robert Griffin III, Nate Sudfeld, Joe Flacco, A.J. McCarron.

Final Analysis: It could be about who costs the least for Washington but while we would lean towards Brissett, it feels like Trubisky is going to get an opportunity to save his career.

Our Pick: Mitchell Trubisky
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