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Re: Bucs beat down pregame

I don't think we win this, but if we can get some of the weapons back to convert red zone situations we should be a lot better. We've only punted once in the last two games combined. Here's our drives (and how they ended)
Green Bay:
83 TD
39 missed FG
45 downs
4 T.H. fumble
76 downs (4th and goal from the 1)
56 downs (4th and 2 from the 3)
65 INT (down 17 with 6:35 left)
11 FG
65 end of game

56 4th and 1
56 missed FG
41 FG
29 INT (hail mary at end of the half)
-5 (our only punt in the last 2 games)
94 TD
28 missed FG
55 INT (4th and 19 with 37 secs left)
-6 end of game (got ball back with 21 seconds)

Over half our drives were over 50 yards.

One question for anybody who has an idea on these things:
Last year they made successful adjustments at halftime. This year, nothing doing. Any ideas?

(I should also mention that TH is the 50th leading rusher in the NFL, and his average is better than anyone above him who has more than 3 carries (6.4), but he doesn't show up when you look for average yards per rush.) I'm still hopeful he can sort out the issues he's having, as we seem to drive downfield quite well with him. While he's been off, I wonder how much is having to get used to different receivers. If/when they get Logan Thomas back, I expect the offense to be able to get a lot more points out of the drives.

Are we down to 3 opening-day starters on offense?

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