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Re: Minority Owners of the Skins Want Out.

BTW: the best way for Snyder to lose the team is to IGNORE the powerful moves to change the teamís name. Heís canít delay, cry to the media or public or IGNORE this change . Thatís what happens when your own buffoonery as an owner has led to 20 years of high levels of failure and no friends in the NFL, in the fans, nor media. His only ďfriendsĒ are guys like Jerry Jones, who are happy to watch him mightily flounder and yearly lose two games a year to the Boys. Snyder foolishly thought that the minority owners were his ďfriendsĒ, but they turned on him at the best and earliest opportunity. No one wants to buy into this team. Iím sure the minority owners - Captains of industry are just kicking themselves daily to be stuck to this tar baby team - a disastrous franchise and an owner who canít do anything right, except to fire and fire Head Coaches.

If Snyder doesnít move quickly on the name change, the NFL will move powerfully against him. The fans of this franchise would send 100,000+ emails, phone calls and love letters within a week to Goodell for even HINTING that they were looking at changing the teamís ownership.

Snyder is like a tyrant of some faraway country that has abused his people WITH IMPUNITY for 2 decades. The people are rising up. Snyder has no friends in any politicians of the city, the media hates him and so do the teamís fans. Snyder still has a few toadies and employees that work for him. But If he does nothing on the name change by the start of the first game, the media and his many enemies will go to the NFL and their owners who HATE BAD PUBLICITY. They will savage their old fellow owner over this issue. No one likes an incompetent loser, even if he is a billionaire.

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