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Re: Alex Smith’s Amazing Comeback(?)

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
Alex being cleared to play, while a courageous story, was the worst possible outcome for the team in terms of winning.

If Alex failed his physical, the Skins could have put him on the PUP and gained 12M in future cap credits. Since he passed the physical, you cant PUP him, no 12M in cap credit and he will have to carry 3 QBs on the active roster. An active roster spot that will be taken by a player that will not be taking a single snap all season.

Best case scenario - he failed the physical, we carry 2 Qbs, we get 12M in cap credit, cut him in 2021 and absorb about 10M in dead cap.

You’re right about the 3 Qb’s and cap credit BUT if Alex can help Haskins to have a good year and can mentor him to the level of being the future franchise QB for the next decade, wouldn’t it be worth it???

When was the last time the WFT had a young, franchise QB with a bright and long-time future? Green? Rhypien? (RG3 was a one-season wonder, but got hurt before that season even ended), Theisman? Smith helped Dwayne last season and will do the same this year, as long as Haskins can keep growing.

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