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Skins v. Packers Gameday Thread

Iíve been saying Haskins needs a very good QB coach. He has happy feet because he is under a lot of pressure most of the time and it even translates to well protected plays. HOWEVER, he does throw better when he is protected.

The real question is whether we roll the dice on drafting TUA, because Burrow will be gone by our draft pick. Tua is super accurate and would have been the NUMBER ONE draft pick before his hip injury. But now questions are out there about his durability and long-term health in the NFL. Only Tua has the long-term ďITĒ factor that is worth giving up on Haskins after half a season of poor coaching, lousy playcalling, crappy OL and throwing to a rookie WR group.

If Haskins shows no sign of improvement then this will be the first and most difficult decision for the next HC and GM. Who do we draft in 2020 with our first round draft pick? Do we pass up on Chase Young, who would take Kerriganís spot and energize and lead a young and talented defense? Do we pass up on an OT (Thomas) who will protect the QBís back for a decade? With the proper QB and OC coaching and surrounded by a decent offense do we totally give up on Haskins, as we did for Cousins, Crowder, Preston Smith, Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan? All players and coachs who have FLOURISHED and improved after leaving this dumpster fire of a team and coaching?

Haskins may end up being a draft bust, just like RG3, Jason Campbell and Shuler before him. But we have left a lot of really good, excellent and perhaps with time, great players and coaches leave this team. The decision the new HC has: Haskins or Tua, will define this team for a decade. Itís not an easy decision. Only TUA offers the promise of bring an outstanding QB and is worth using our Uber-high draft pick and effectively giving up on Haskins.

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