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Re: Redskins Salary Cap Status 2018

Originally Posted by Schneed10 View Post
Now that I think about it some more, it's actually pretty plausible. Remember the story about Doug finding out about the Smith trade. "Don't answer your phone." I'll fill you in tomorrow.

He had to talk with Bruce in the morning to find out what happened.

I think it's quite possible that Bruce will listen to Jay's opinion on players, but doesn't tell him before he makes a move like trading Cravens.

That said I'm sure Gruden weighed in long ago and told him I don't know how Su'a can come back to our locker room. If we see Compton challenging him in a video, then Jay sees a lot more.

My guess is Jay didn't know this trade was going down, but he probably wanted it.
It's possible, but the reason I don't think this is what's going down is that people have suggested the same about Jay not having much notice or choice about the Alex Smith trade based on a couple of comments he's made. The thing is Jay stood his ground with the Cousins vs RG3 decision despite his predecessor losing his job over it. Why would he now be ok with being told who his QB would be? I don't buy it. That said, the other possibility is that he is comfortable with the decision making process they've got and is on the same page with Bruce but leaves it up to him to get done what is possible based on everyone's input. If that's the case, then I see no problem with the approach.

Of course, the anxiety riddled Redskins fan in me says Jay may not be happy but is gutting out for as long as he can to build a resume.

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