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Re: Stafford in WFT Plans? Hes Available

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
Quake, if the price is a first and a third, I would do that, because if the trade doesn't work out it might set us back a year or two. But if the price was in the same neighborhood as RG3's price - the answer is no. We can't pull a Saints and mortgage the future to win now - look at how screwed they are for next year minimum with no qb and 100 mil over the cap.

Yes we can fix the holes this offseason but it's not guaranteed. Also LOL at Landon Collins and any of you thinking he's worth something in a trade because he hasn't exactly been all-pro worthy since signing with us. Also my faith in Rivera's plan will go down if his solution is throwing big money out in FA.
I 100% agree with that, no way do I give up multiple 1sts and a 2nd for Stafford

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