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Re: Week 2 - the Rebound

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
Didnít like the Moses thing. Most people on this board thought for some reason it was a good thing. Have been worried about this o line for months. It is a huuuuuge problem. Another huuuuuge problem is Scott Turner.
Not 100 percent on board with Rivera either but he is probably the best we can get to play for the Snyders.

It really feels like we make minor improvements every year and they never translate onto the field. I want to pin my hopes on a real quarterback but we do not have the pieces around him to move forward.
Part of the Moses thing is he was like only 8.5 mill. I mean you committed 18 to a guard. And then you got a discount on your left tackleÖLeno is making like 5 mill.

Forcing cosmi was a substantial difference maker in the game Sunday. Iím being 100 percent honest, Lucas and Moses play at tackle in spite of bad defenseÖare chances of winning that game are much much higher.

Itís really something to watch as the season goes on
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