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Re: Week 2 - the Rebound

Originally Posted by FrenchSkin View Post
I liked the Fitzpatrick signing in the offseason, and he's coming off 2 really good seasons. But the point can also be made that there's a reason the 8 previous teams let him walk...
He didn't look very impressive before the injury. I know he's not the same type of player, but that felt like Alex Smith all over again, guy you can have reasonably high expectations on, comes here and under performs.

We all know Heinickeee's issue is health. But with every little opportunity we saw of him he was making plays.
The point can be made that talent was never the issue, and that if he can stay healthy he could be a starting NFL QB (I'm aware that's a big if... but don't tell me you weren't excited watching that WC game, and don't tell me you didn't feel the spark in the offense when he came in on Sunday).
Anyway, he's the best we got now, let's give the kid a shot before we wright him off.
Well he was impressive enough to play 16 years in the NFL. With the way QBs come and go it says a lot that he was able to stick around for 16 years.

I would say talent was the issue in addition to his health. He wasn't a starter on his XFL team but maybe his XFL team was loaded at QB. I did feel a spark watching him but a spark is just that, a spark. They shine bright for a few seconds but in the long run they fizzle out.
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