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Re: What Training Camp battles intrigue you the most?

Originally Posted by EdmundDorf View Post
If Bostic is competing for a starting role in the nickel defence then things aren't going as well as planned..... Don't forget about Saddiq Charles, they had him starting at LG last year as a rookie ahead of Schweitzer, can also serve as the primary backup at LT
Charles -- I dont know what to think w Charles, we just have not seen enough. Last year Wes was the starting RG week 3 after Scherff got injured so he was the starting RG when Charles started LG. Wes started 13 games last year. I think the FO trusts him, he played above his payday last year imo.

I think RR has Charles > Martin. Important TC for Martin.

Bostic -- I think the coaches value him more than the fans. I think hes a more head down, hit the hole hard type backer that Holcomb isnt. Holcomb and Bostic just have different skill sets and what they bring.

Ideally Holcomb and Bostic wouldnt be starters on our D.
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