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Re: Jonathan Allen Signs - Training Camp begins Tomorrow

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
Not trying to poo poo things but giving TH a few snaps with the starters here and there doesn't sound like much of a "competition". We all know who the starter is, it was obvious the day RF signed. I think Ron just wants to make sure to work TH in to keep him ready, KA too.
Yeah it's definitely not a 50/50 competition. It's Fitz' job (Ron admitted that when saying "it's his to have"). But Ron says he didn't want to make last year's mistake again, and he's been talking about this 2 men competition quite a lot.
So while we all know whose job it is, it's good to see that, at least for the purposes of having a good competitive TC, there is indeed a bit of splitting 1st teams reps.
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