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Re: DHall thinks Bill Callahan could get the HC job next year

Callahan is trying to win with a retro kind of football that just can’t be successful in today’s football. The only reason this game against the 49ers was close was because rain was so heavy, in an open stadium. We also don’t have a dominate enough OL to run successfully for an entire game.

NFL Teams now are built to score points. We have some good defensive players but who are coached poorly. Our defense still can hold a good offense for awhile, but then they stay on the field too long and our opponent scores more points than we can generate with a crappy QB and a running offensive strategy.

The defense against a run heavy offense, like Callahan envisions, is simply to put eight in the box. Stack the line. This forces the QB to throw and complete passes in order to open up the defense. Keenum is incapable of doing that. He’s not a good passer. Eventually the offense has enough “three and outs” and the defense gets exhausted. We lose the game.

If Callahan was doing this strategy with Haskins, I’d understand. But neither Keenum nor McCoy is good enough to beat a stacked defense with their passing ability.

Callahan is drinking the Bruce Allen koolaid by imagining that we can win with a journeyman QB like Keenum and a run-heavy offensive strategy that hasn’t worked in a generation.

Perhaps by living in the BA alternate universe that we’re almost ready to win consistently, Callahan hopes to get the HC job.

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