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Re: What’s your plan for the Quarterback position?

I like this thread.

First of all, if I were GM, I would sit down with Gruden to go over all possible options. Based on what we have learned about Gruden's belief in Colt McCoy, I think we would be content with Colt McCoy as starter, and maybe Josh Johnson only if Gruden believes he is best back-up option for Redskins. If not, then we will go after whoever Gruden wants to be the back-up QB. I think it's pointless for us to go after any free agent QB to be our starter because he is likely not going to be our future QB. Instead, we should focus on resigning (and extending) our key players and strengthening the team for future.

If Gruden and our scouts really like a QB from the draft, then we should draft him if we get the opportunity. If we draft a rookie in 1st round, let it be open competition between Colt and the rookie. Whoever wins the competition gets to lead the team for the season.
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