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Re: Reuben Foster carted off with apparent leg injury

Originally Posted by jamf View Post
Easy answer: He's the man in charge.

If it's not the training facility, then it's how they train/prepare.

I don't believe in bad luck 5 years in a row.

First and foremost, they need players that can standup to 16 games a season. Let's look at the decision to keep Lauvao last year.

You expect him to miss games. His backup went down early in the preseason, that was bad luck. They don't find a dedicated backup and have to shift the line when Lauvao does breakdown, week 3 or 4. Then they start bringing in guys off the street to play and they end up injured because 2 weeks earlier, they were working out at 24 hour fitness and they aren't used to game speed. If they had replaced Lauvao before the season started we might still have Alex Smith at QB.

I know hindsight is 20/20 but Chico was calling this shit out in preseason last year.
Actually Dan and Bruce are in charge.

Jay has plenty of faults but you haven't pointed out any evidence that any decision Gruden has made has contributed to the task of injuries.

But, who needs evidence when you have so much certainty...

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