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Re: Alex Smith to miss 2019 Season

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
A couple of other things Sheehan mentioned today.

The team may look to spread out the guaranteed money due Alex over a couple more years. Of course Alex would have to agree to it, and the incentive may be more $. Even if they have to give him more money the logic here is the cap continues to rise and a new CBA or lockout in 2021 could significantly alter things too.

And the $12M insurance policy the team took out in case of a catastrophic injury can be applied against the cap if itís determined he is unable to play. Thatís not going to happen anytime soon but it could bring a nice chunk of cap relief.

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Was just listening to this, as well. Very interesting. I've never this situation play out before, but if so, it would represent a very prudent move of the team to have purchased the insurance policy. Credit to Bruce or Eric or whoever made that decision.

If we could rework/extend Smiths contract to minimize the cap hits AND get cap credits if he is not able to return due to the injury, It would dramatically improve the teams ability to be competitive.
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