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Re: Week 1 - Post-game Thread

While I enjoy your analysis French, you are missing the point a little bit wrt Apke and Moreland. Moreland was cut because he was beaten out by StJuste, McTyer and Roberts. The sixth CB, like the 7th LB and the 5th Safety is primarily a ST player. Jimmy wasn't a ST guy. Now I don't disagree with your assessment that Apke is not a great ST player, saw him at least once take a bad angle on coverage and totally over pursue the returner, a key reason why he was/is such a bad DB. And you are right that sometimes coaches seem to latch onto certain players, maybe it is the ST coach and Ron is just having his back, and that always looks odd to those outside the team. What is strange to me is that, Ron is, seemingly, using any excuse to get rid of guys bought into the the team by the previous regime unless they are real talents and/or team players, yet he is keeping Apke who has obvious flaws when on the field even to the most casual observer
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