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QB or BPA for our #1 Draft Pick - 2020

The Redskins will most likely have the # 1 or #2 choice in the 2020 draft. Although there is some who want the team to trade down for more draft picks, this is time to draft a truly transformational player who can become a real superstar that the offense or defense could be built around. Right now Cinny has the first pick and will most likely go with Burrows q(QB).

How should the Redskins draft with this Uber-high draft pick? Most mock draft sites Have us taking the Best Player Available (BPA), the amazing Edge rusher from Ohio st - Chase Young. He would make our DL absolutely fierce. With the addition of Young AND getting a real, NFL-savvy DC, the Redskins defense could easily move from bottom-feeding into the top 50% in a single season. Right now the defense is poorly coached.

Another option deals with the rather mediocre play of last years pick at #15: Dwayne Haskins. Is he the franchise QB for the next decade? Or will he take several years to coach up and then be just average?
OR will the team waste 20-30 games to find out he’s a flat out bust like Shuler, Jason Campbell or RG3?

Unfortunately, the Redskins will have to evaluate Haskins, with a mediocre OL and a WR/TE group that has one elite player: McLaurin. I am shocked by Haskins, not for his rookie mistakes but for his poor fundamentals - happy feet, weak view of the field and mediocre accuracy. So do we do a St Louis and draft two “future” QB two years in a row? Let them battle it out next TC?

Until his hip injury, Tua was the QB everyone drooled over. The once-a-decade talent at the most important position in football. His injury will make him fall, but not very far. Should we pick him at #2? Tua or Young? What say you all?

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