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Re: Offseason Roster Moves Thread

Originally Posted by DYoungJelly View Post
Anderson would be an awesome strong side lb in a 4-3. I'm the mold of Spikes for NE from a few years ago.

He is really strong and really smart. He's a natural fit.

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I agree. Anderson is the perfect 4-3 Strong side LB.
I also really like Cole Holcomb. I feel like Cole Holcomb might be ready to raise his game. He has great LB instincts, if he can add another 10 to 15 pounds of muscle without sacrificing speed he will be an excellent sideline to sideline and coverage MLB. Plus playing MLB behind our D-Line will be a privilege for anyone who plays LB for us next season.
I would also like to clarify, I mentioned in a post a few days ago while talking about the options for freeing up cap money about Ryan Kerrigan. To be clear I really like Ryan and I do not want to lose him. Hopefully he will renegotiate a more cap friendly deal. Ryan will be a great DE in the 4-3. A DE rotation of Young, Kerrigan and Sweat would be strong and give time for Sweat to grow and develop. I am not sure Sweat is ready to be a fulltime 4-3 DE just yet.
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