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Re: Derrius Guice arrested on Felony strangulation domestic assault charge

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
If you want to read some more terrible shit...

Prosecutors said in a filing that Wheeler allegedly attacked and strangled the victim in her bedroom on January 22. He allegedly beat her into unconsciousness twice and left her both times for dead.

According to prosecutors, at one point during the attack, Wheeler allegedly forced his fingers into her mouth and down her throat, and "crushed" his hand down over her nose and mouth while squeezing her throat with his other hand. The woman lost consciousness twice as Wheeler allegedly strangled her, prosecutors said.

Chad Wheeler needs to go to jail for 20-30 years minimum...mooby posted about it yesterday, but this emerging details are horrific. He needs an ass kicking
That's seriously deranged. He needs serious mental help. And he should be locked up for a long time.
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