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Re: Redskins May Become An Afterthought IN D.C. Sports Soon

Originally Posted by SFREDSKIN View Post
The Redskins have lost Washington!!
This article is the absolute truth. Boswell perfectly articulated some of the reasons I can't stand Snyder and his minions. Such as:

"The prestige and status of the Washington Redskins within the D.C. area reached their absolute bottom — the lowest point in the existence of the franchise in this city since 1937 — on Sunday at FedEx Field.

Over the past 18 months, a trend, many years in the making, has turned into a stunning transformation. Washington has discovered that champions can live here. So why tolerate, let alone support, an atrociously run and constantly embarrassing franchise with a moral compass that is as twisted as a corkscrew?

It took Washington owner Daniel Snyder 20 years to carve a trap door under his own franchise. Like a character in a cartoon, he has been sawing a circle in the floor around himself — with the billionaire the last person to know he was the one who would drop through the hole.

In recent weeks, seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle Trent Williams has become the latest symbol of the region’s disgust with Snyder’s ownership, an inept decade under team president Bruce Allen and a general petty ugliness with which the team treats everyone.

Year after year, it is the Redskins’ pattern — and perhaps their policy — never to admit that anything is wrong and always to say that they are “close.” That is always the word — coaching regime after regime. They hardly ever are. It’s self-delusion and marketed to suckers.

This team has dominated Washington sports conversation for so long, it’s hard to believe it can veer so amazingly close to irrelevance, parody and pity — for its remaining fans.

Mark the moment in D.C. history. Long time coming — and deserved, one defeat and misdeed at a time. But the crash, when it came, happened fast. Washington, owned by a pro football team year-round — that’s over now."
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