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NFL Season Predictions 2019

All right f#ck faces, finally itís here. Now that the preseason is essentially over, how do you see the league stacking up, whoís gonna win the division, breakout players, coaches, MVP, etc?

NFC East: Dallas
NFC North: Minnesota
NFC South: New Orleans
NFC West: Rams

Wildcards: Philly, packers

AFC East: New England
AFC North: Pittsburgh
AFC South: Jacksonville
AFC West: Chiefs

Wildcards: Browns, Colts

SB: Chiefs vs New Orleans, Andy getís his SB

For the NFC, Dallas has a great roster and I like how the talent is spread across the team. BUT if Zeke doesnít play, they donít make the playoffs. Minny bounces back. I think the Rams take a step back, BUT that division is overrated. I could see San Fran making a slight push. Philly as a wild card is dangerous. New Orleans is my pick, but Brees health is pivotal, he looked a lil shaky down the stretch last year.

AFC: I think Jags defense is gonna bounce back and Fournette has got the message loud and clear from Coughlin showed up to camp in amazing shape. That front four in Jax is best in the league. Pittsburgh looks awesome in preseason. This is the year New England takes a step back, but wins because of a easy schedule. Chiefs division too lose. Browns is a lotta of hype, will flame out in playoffs...but talent gets them barely in. Colts defense is really good regardless of the qb issue, Frank Reich is a great coach.

Surprise teams...AFC: Buffalo will just miss playoffs, Jacksonville, Jets will be entertaining.

NFC: San Fran will play well just missing playoffs.

Teams taking steps back: Chicago Bears will be a .500 team, maybe. Texans will not take advantage of lucks injury. Seattle and Carolina Panthers will struggle to be a .500 team.

First coach fired...Matt Patricia

Who you got?
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