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Re: NFL Season Predictions 2019

I think the NFL goes topsy turvy this year:

NFC East: Redskins -- you all may not believe, but I do, Case will lead the way with play action and our RB trio. Plus YES we will stay healthy.
NFC North: Bears -- They are the team to beat in that division (until they aren't)
NFC South: New Orleans of course
NFC West: Rams -- I think they falter but still win the division

Wildcards: Minnesota -- I don't think KC can win in the playoffs but the team around him is built to get them there., Giants -- Eli will be driven to be the better Eli, and will surprise many.

AFC East: Jets -- Brady shows his age and the Jets turn an unexpected corner
AFC North: Browns -- the rest of the division is crumbling and last years ties turn to wins
AFC South: Houston -- Luck's retirement changed this division completely
AFC West: Chiefs -- they will dominate this year

Wildcards: NE (they fail in the first round), Pittsburgh
SB: KC vs NO KC takes it
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