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Re: Skins @ Eagles Week 1

Eagles have a great Oline and good Dline.......this will be trench warfare.

Defense: ILB will be key with our team all season and especially this weekend, not only stopping the run for an organization that loves to run the ball, but covering 2 TEs that are sticking moving monsters. Safety gonna have to cover and help as well.

Offensive side of ball...Eagles were vulnerable to the big pass play last season OR played conservative against pass which soften up the short throws. Outstide of Jenkins, their secondary and ILB in coverage...Im NOT sold on. They will load up against the run, we have to take advantage when those opportunities allow through the air. But our Oline have to give Case time...

I think its a more a defensive game with rusty offensives...lotta field goals.

we hold it together for awhile, but Eagles: 24 Skins: 16
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