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Re: Put the plows away..skins dolphins post game thread

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
I donít want to hear shit from Bruce this week...the performance on offense is an embarrassment.


1. Quinton Dunbar is a heck of a cb. If he can remain healthy the rest of the year, then extend him with a solid deal

2. Terry McLaurin is the real deal. Keep it up.

3. I thought the Oline was decent

4. Defense played well for most the game. Collins was great today.


1. WR play outside of Terry is fairly terrible. Quinn just a guy. PRich hasnít done shit this year

2. Josh Norman is terrible. He is one of the worst corners in the game.

3. Keenum is jag. Haskins could give us comparable play imo...he needs the reps
Yes! Play Haskins already. We need to know if we need a QB in the 1st next year.

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