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Re: Come up with a new name for the Redskins

Originally Posted by rocnrik View Post
It seems that objects are okay .. it gets tricky when using team names after groups of people .. Even though I like Cherokee and other tribe names it still leaves the door open for controversy...but even as I type this did not Florida state get in trouble for the tomahawk chop move ? Itís going to be tricky and Dan has one shot at getting this right .. keeping the diehards pleased and being political correct .. I hope this turns out good
I say it depends how it's done.

If Natives and Natives representative are included in the discussion and the choice of the name, and have a say in how they want to be represented and supported, one would say a community would appreciate the legit support of a big organisation having millions of fans.

I think the name change is also a consequence of not living up to the responsibility of representing and supporting the community you're branding.
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