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Re: Washington trainer Ryan Vermillion on leave due to criminal investigation

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
JP Finley, Grant Paulsen and Julie Carey of NBC Sports Washington and WRC report that federal law enforcement agents raided the teamís facility last week.

Geez .. to the level they got a judge to sign off on a search warrant to search the local pro sports team facilities. If tied to his profession, most likely px writing abuse but who knows.

Hopefully its victimless crime stuff.
This was my first thought as well. Robin Lehner (NHL goalie) was threatening a lot of NHL organizations on Twitter about their quote unquote "pill habits" for basically being pill mills and I suspect there might be several NFL teams that might be operating similarly. Wouldn't surprise me if Ryan Vermillion is one of the first to get nabbed for basically handing out scripts like candy. Feds aren't fucking around with that shit since that Angels pitcher died after OD'ing.
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