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Re: The Haskins Threat

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
That's what happens when you take a guy 15th overall. The expectation is he's going to play sooner rather than later.

Instead they're treating him like a 2nd or 3rd rounder which to be honest that's where they should have taken him.

You think he would have lasted ? I really think he is a unique combination of upside and inexperience. Usually such upside and talent at the collegiate level results in playing time. Usually such inexperience at the collegiate level would mean the talent and upside isnít even there.
We will find out next year what we got. Even if he starts this year we wont truly know. Not with this freakin staff and team. Also keep forgetting he was McClaurins teammate. That has to be a plus. Going to have to rely on Bitch Allen and Douche Snyder to put a plan in place for him. Thats the real problem.
Douche Snyder ruined my Sundays.
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