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Re: NFL Anthem Policy

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Ya know I wish I could say I donít give a fuck...but this shit from day one hasnít been handle right, including this policy. When I say it hasnít been handled right Iíll include everyone from kap to other players to the players union to the nfl clubs to the ownership and especially the league.

Adam schefter was right today because now the media and fans will focus on whose not on the field game one for the national anthem....and not the storylines we should be following.

In a way, this policy is more a win for kap and protesters of whatever it is we are protesting today.

Shit show.

I tend to agree with you that this hasn't been handled right at all but I will say it has gone on way to long and I really don't give a shit what these guys do ,they don't influence anything in my life,they aren't that important.
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