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Re: Let's try this "Win and in" again. Eagles Pregame 2.0

The Eagles are no pushover. Iíve gone to some of these last game of the season battles and neither team mails in the game.

The Eagles have a lot of injuries, including COX who always seems to have our number. Good heís not playing. However a guy-with-a-grudge is DESEAN JACKSON, who has stomped our ass on more than a few games, when he isnít injured. Heís BACK from IR and ready to get a long TD or two against us, mostly for revenge because Snyder and Bruce Allen dumped him after a 1000 yard season here. Donít get me going on that one. Heís got to be watched because heís still got some juice.

The new QB Hurt is playing for his career now. If he wins this game he goes into the off-season perhaps in the lead over Carson Wentz. He can run and throw, but if pressured he will make mistakes. Thatís the game - keeping Hurt contained.

A Big DEAL is whether McLaurin can play. Heís the only player the DC worry about. Thereís a huge drop off if he canít play. However, as with Alex Smith theyíre not going to get them hurt, if theyíre not pretty much 100%.

Turner needs to stay with the run. He panicked last week when the team got behind and that caused Haskins to make it worse with his bad decisions.
However, I liked that Turner opened up with an occasional long ball to keep the defense honest. Itís too bad Cam Sims wasnít able to haul that one in.

Alex Smith will start - can he finish the game??

This game is a win-win. If we win we go to the playoffs. If we lose we get a better draft pick and perhaps more direction toward where the team needs to go in the draft and FA.

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