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Re: Bucs Postgame

Originally Posted by punch it in View Post
He played great against Carolina too. And like I said previously he has a real impressive skill set. Things you cannot really coach or teach. He seems to have the tangibles and intangibles.

On every other nfl team he tried to crack he was derailed by an injury or concussion. Coming out of ODU as an undrafted fa it is extremely hard to hold a roster spot when you are injured before you ever have a chance to prove yourself. The one team he was signed on with when he wasn’t injured was the Patriots in 2017 and they had a guy named Tom Brady. There is no doubt in my mind if Heineken went to a power 5 school he would have been on an NFL roster when this year began.
He is one of those guys that just never really got a chance to showcase his talents. He did for one quarter against Carolina and looked great. Got a chance to start tonight in a huge game and looked awesome. Im definitely on the Heineken train. This is not Colt Brennan. Lol. This guy is the real deal. You watch.
That's my biggest concern. He's definitely a baller, but he may be too fragile.
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