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Re: Bucs Postgame

Fun game to watch. I really enjoyed my Saturday night. Just wish the front 4 could have gotten to Brady a bit more and did better with run D.

Run game needs to be corrected. Gibson 14 carries 31 yards was a horrible showing. Im not sure what the solution is. Perhaps an upgrade at LT and LG but that doesnt account for the no gain runs up the middle or the right where we have Sherff-Moses. Id be curious to see Moses run grade. Doesnt seem to dominate/set the edge.

run D - gave up 142 yards on 29 carries.

Defense gave up 507 total yards. Our D disappointed on the big stage. They wanted it, they get paid the big bucks ... and gave up 507 yards and kept allowing 4-7 yard runs on them.

Chase Young should have feasted on their LT Smith .. whom their fans dont think highly of. On pas plays many times he was left 1 on 1 without help and Chase didnt impact the play. im sure Chase will replay the game many times in his head this offseason and use it as motivation.

Chase got shut out by a Donovan Smith.
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