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This doesn't show the close up I'm talking about, but at 27 seconds in of 29 you can detect it if you look closely. The tumbling of the ball changes direction when it brushes the bag. The ball is tumbling forward, then tumbles backwards a little after the point of the ball hits the bag - unless it somehow changed its rotation in mid-air. Look at it. As the ball is rotating, the back point is coming end-over-end over the top of the ball, then suddenly reverses and the back point is rotating down - under the ball. Hard for me to find the right words to describe what I'm talking about. Hopefully, you can get my meaning and see the sudden change right when the front point of ball is at the bag. The close up they showed had it clear and unmistakable. All of us watching here saw it clearly. There was a much closer view directly at his back and it hit the bag. Sure would be nice to see seconds 30 thru 40 on this that they don't show here - that's probably where the close-up view was. Or, looking at it again, actually there is a skip in the tape right around second 22. They superimpose the NBC logo right there and flash forward a little bit instead of rolling what was being shown and said. Perhaps that is where the close up shot was. Pointless to continue without seeing that view unless you can make out the ball rotation change I'm talking about where the ball changes from an obvious forward bouncing roll to a virtually straight down vertical drop, with the back point coming down in a backward motion and hitting the ground. Having seen the close-up, the ball rotation change is easy for me to see. The ball was tumbling forward, the point hit the bag and it immediately tumbled back.
Hopefully, you can see it. Apke and the Redskins around the play knew it hit the Buc. Look at their reaction. I think the ref's initial react was the same, if you look at his body language (number 111). If you can't see it, I'm not going to convince you unless the close up view can be found. It is for sure that I'm not going to forget what I saw.
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