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Re: Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread

I'd like to comment on QB's in this draft. I'll make a comparison of each QB to an NFL QB, not in terms of how good they can become but in terms of their styles. There are two QB's who I think can become quality NFL starters soon and one who could become a Pro Bowler in due time. This is how I rank them.

1(a). Kenny Pickett. He is a polished QB prospect with NFL size and athleticism. He makes all the throws with very good accuracy and velocity. He can evade the rush and is a dangerous runner but he keeps his eyes downfield when he is chased out of the pocket and often finds a receiver on the run. He is NFL starter material. NFL comparison: Josh Allen

1(b). Matt Corral. Matt is also a polished QB prospect. He throws a beautiful deep ball, is poised in the pocket but when he takes off running watch out! He's the other NFL starter. NFL Comparison: Russell Wilson.

3. Malik Willis. Malik is a superb athlete who has a rocket arm and great foot speed. He would probably be the best athlete on the field most Sundays right now but he has a long way to go to become a complete QB. I ranked him below Pickett and Corral for now, yet I feel that any team that is willing to wait for him to develop could have a potential Pro Bowl player. NFL comparison: Michael Vick.

4. Sam Howell. Sam knows how to play the position. He has a strong arm and he can run, too. He can light it up when he has a decent supporting cast. He is NFL sturdy and he has the tools to possibly become a starter in due time. NFL comparison: Baker Mayfield.

5. Desmond Ridder. Desmond is a smooth operator at QB. He has NFL size with long arms and big hands. He could be held back by accuracy issues but he is a proven winner. NFL comparison: Matt Ryan.
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