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Re: Training Camp is fast approaching What....

Originally Posted by KI Skins Fan View Post
Forget about AGG. He is being given a Hail Mary last chance to make the team by moving him to TE. In two seasons in the NFL he has had a total of two touches and one reception. Does that sound to you like someone the staff trusts?

As for Turner, how is it you have elevated him in your mind above John Bates when Turner hasn't yet played a single snap in the NFL? Bates, on the other hand, is a veteran and an outstanding blocker who was graded the #1 run blocking TE in the NFL by PFF as a rookie and who has shown that he can be a reliable possession receiver. Should a team that would like to have a balanced offense sit down a TE who is one of the very best run blockers in the league at his position? The answer is "No."

I will say this about Turner: he looks like he could help us in the Red Zone with his size, body control, and good hands.

We will keep three TE's:

1. Thomas
2. Bates
3. Probably Turner
Agree with you about AGG doubtful working out here just an interesting scenario. I haven't forgotten about Bates at all. Turner and Thomas in obvious passing downs is what I'm referring to. I am well aware of Bates prowess for blocking success, as I have mentioned before. We have a lot of different tight ends with unique skill sets. Different 2 te sets is not out of the question with this unit at all.
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