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Re: Post Dumpster Skins vs. Saints Thread

Originally Posted by skinsfaninok View Post
It was a great trade considering we needed a QB. I wanted Kirk all along as I said on here a bunch but we all knew he wasn't staying. But SF who else could we have gone out and signed? Sam Bradford? We had no choice. Alex will bounce back
I wanted Case Keenum, like I said he would have been cheaper, would have kept Fuller and the 3rd, now thatís in the past and Iíll stop bitching about it. Whatís disturbing about Smith is, he had great halves at AZ and versus GB, then nothing on the second halves and vs Indy and last night. I bet McCoy can find our WRís.
Joe Gibbs- The best coach of all time, Lombardi trophy should be renamed Gibbs.

Art Monk- Art was like an OL playing WR, doing the dirty work and not getting the glory.

Darrell Green- Best DB ever.

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