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Re: Bucs Postgame

Originally Posted by SFREDSKIN View Post
This was an ugly game with the least popular, most disliked players on this board being responsible for a win.

Alex Smith
Josh Doctson
Ryan Anderson
Preston Smith

These 4 were responsible for today’s win with key plays.
Also had nice games

The negatives:

Horrible tackling
How the fuck do you let Fitzpatrick scramble like Fran Tarkenton? They could not get to him.
I agree with everything you said. Also the turnovers and missed field goals were all key plays today, but the reality is we gave up 400 yards to Fitzpatrick. What happened to that lockdown D we saw earlier this year?

Also shouts out to Danny Johnson. They beat him like a rented mule. Keep him on the bench for forever, please and thanks.

Also gotta give a shoutout to Callahan for working his magic. Offense didn't put up much points, but he did miracle work getting Cooper prepared for the game.
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