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Re: Is the End Near For Bruce Allen?

Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
I live near Philly and the local sports radio stations are loyal as hell to the Eagles team, their players, coaches, and the owner. I guess it doesn't surprise me that the D.C. sports radio has been alienated by Snyder and his latest toadie, Bruce Allen. As with Vinny Cerrato, you just wonder how badly the team has to perform year-after-year, how badly the fans have to suffer over the last two decades before they get rid of this ass-clown, Allen, and make a change to a REAL FOOTBALL General Manager. Someone with some real NFL credibility.
I don't want loyal radio stations/reporters covering the Redskins, but I also don't want cry babies who exaggerate negative stories to get ratings.

That being said, people need to realize that there are a whole bunch of radio/podcast people in this area that are not journalist and what they do is not sports news IMO. This would be Russell, The Junkies, Grant Paulsen, Kevin Sheehan, Tom Loverro, etc., etc., etc. A lot of the stuff that they report is highly biased and opinionated. And if you are making your decisions/opinions on the team based on these guys, well you might as well get your Redskins news from anyone who posts here.

Craig Hoffman, recently posted something a long twitter thread about his criticism of news coverage nowadays, said the following which I feel is what we as fans should be getting from anyone who reports Redskins news:

"The stakes of what I cover are much, much lower but I will never go on one of our shows and simply say "Jay Gruden said (something)" and leave it there.

I will always add whatever else I know about the situation to evaluate the veracity of the statement and put it in context."

And that's what I want from the sports media, which is why I religiously follow Hoffman, Keim, JP and Michael Phillips. I don't feel like these guys are pulling things out of their assess like Russell does.
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