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Originally Posted by Giantone View Post
See , that's my question? So is the food you're putting in already "breaded" or are you doing that yourself?
The food I tried was the frozen food you get out of the frozen food isle in the grocery store. We have chicken nuggets and fish sticks - Chico's favorite food LOL - on hand for our little boy. I usually don't eat that crap, mostly because I can't get it to taste like it does from the fast food place. Which, probably also tastes like crap - but I digress....

Anyhow, I just threw in about 12 nuggets, set the temp, set the time, and in about 10 minutes, the nuggets came out fully cooked and crispy. On stuff like fries, nuggets, or tots, you'll want to take the food out half way through and give it a shake - just like you would with a conventional deep fat oil fryer - so that it cooks evenly. The fish sticks - didn't need to cook them at the temp I cooked them at (I threw them in with the nuggets), so they came out a tad bit too crispy, but my son still liked them and he's a picky eater.

But, yeah, you can also do homemade stuff too, like fried chicken, pork tenderloin, salmon, etc...they give you a cookbook. I mainly got this thing for stuff like french fries, or potato wedges. Basically when I want junk food and don't want to all of the fat with the oils and such. One of my work buds who told me about this thing said you can use a little oil, but my particular air fryer says to not use oil or Crisco or anything like that, so I wouldn't try it. Some of the frozen stuff might have been pre-cooked in oil, but that won't hurt anything.
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