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If Smith returns....HYPOTHETICALLY speaking.....

Scenario.....Alex Smith goes down in 2018 with a gruesome leg injury....the Redskins draft a QB in the second round...the rookie QB and McCoy both see playing time in 2019....the rookie QB shows tons of promise and leads the Redskins to a wild card win but throws 3 interceptions in the divisional round the next week in a tough loss on the offseason McCoy retires and the rookie has been named the starter heading into 2020....Alex Smith is ready to return but the Redskins decide since Smith hasn't played in a long time its better to relegate him to be the young QB's backup but still have Smith as a team captain...the Redskins start off 6-2 with the young QB in his second year...but in the 9th game of the season he suffers a dislocated patella in his left knee...although the 2nd year QB is out for 4 games Gruden decides to play Smith the rest of the season....the Redskins win a wild card game for the 2nd year in a row...but once again lose in the divsion round the Redskins offense turn the ball over 8 times in the loss despite the defense getting 3 turnovers....Smith tosses 4 interceptions in the game (2) in the red zone and turns the ball over twice on a sack/fumble....going into 2021 do you give the young QB the starting QB job and make him a team captain and release Smith or trade Smith ? Or do you keep Smith on the team and have a QB competition during the 2021 training camp/preseason between both QBs ?
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