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Re: Biggest Impact Player from Free Agency or NFL Draft this coming 2019 Season?

I'm going with Sweat because of the benefit everyone else on the D should see from being able to apply pressure all across the line. Other LB's will be more comfortable in run support and will themselves have more chances to improve the pass rush as any O we face will have to scheme for at least 4 players applying pressure on every passing down (Sweat, Allen, Ionnidas and Kerrigan), plus with Payne in there on 1st and 2nd (and maybe 3rd down). Adding an LB on a blitz, and every OL we face will have the same issue - who do we account for? And that can only help the DB's.

I agree that McLaurin could have a big impact on a poor position, but I suspect we'll be a) run heavy and b) probably playing it conservative on passing, whichever QB plays. Regardless how he plays, if he doesn't get passes thrown to him, its going to be hard to shine. Hope I'm wrong, and I can see a scenario where Keenum is more Vikings version than Broncos version and lights it up.
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