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Re: The Redskins have twice been the most injured team in football. Is that bad luck or bad planning?

Originally Posted by MTK View Post
As for the drafting players with injury history thing, all players coming in have some sort of injury history. It's impossible to get to the pros with a clean bill of health.
Sorry, I disagree. Not all injuries are created equal. Some are bad luck, others are reoccurring.
In an old post I listed the high number of concussions Reed had in college. Before he got here. Yet he is still here ready to collect a huge pay check this year. He will get hurt in training camp like does EVERY YEAR. Snyder, Allen and Gruden made that decision to keep him here. They could paid me to tell them why we lead theeague in injuries. They will play Reed sparringly at first to protect him, then they will play him and he will get hurt. Does anyone want to bet on this?
Jordan Reed will count $9.7m on our cap this year. We could have gotten a Free Safety or blocking TE for that.
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