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Re: The Redskins have twice been the most injured team in football. Is that bad luck or bad planning?

To me this is a mixed bag. It goes without saying that something had to give to fix this problem. Iím all for trying almost anything at this point. But Iím sorry what In the ever loving world is an ice machine to make ice out of Gatorade going to do. But I digress

Injuries to Alex Smith and Colt McCoy and even the nerve problem of Dunbar can not be helped. Those I consider flukes. If Dunbarís nerve issue continues to be an issue it wonít be a fluke anymore.

Iím not even going to touch on Reed, we all know that story.

But the issues with the line year after year. I know itís a grueling position, but at this point you cannot call it a fluke. Something has to be addressed.

As for Love and Guice. I think we may have reached a little bit in Love and got him earlier than was required. (But hey thatís why I donít make the big bucks. They may have known something I didnít). Anyways. With AP on the team again this year. Hopefully we donít rush Guice back into the spotlight and have an RG3 disaster again. But having AP to work with those guys and our training staff on those type of injuries will hopefully be extremely helpful. Thatís not to say that either one of them are the next AP but he came back a year after the injury and put up 2000 yards. And has been able to keep his legs fairly healthy.
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