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Re: What Training Camp battles intrigue you the most?

Originally Posted by SunnySide View Post
RT - Lucas v Cosmi

Im not leaving out the possibility Lucas wins the LT spot but I dont think Leno has played RT like Lucas has, so Im assuming Leno gets LT if they play equal to each other.

LG - Flowers v Schweitzer

Flowers is getting paid starter money but Phins didnt blink in making him expendable. I think Schweitzer had a better year last year but didnt watch too many Phins games.

Injuries throughout season, Id expect Leno/Lucas/Cosmi/Flowers/Schweitzer to all have starts and snaps.

Holcomb v Bostic in Nickel

I imagine Jamin Davis will be a lock by like week 3 in nickel and all packages, battle to see who plays beside him in our most used defensive package.
I watched a couple of Dolphins games in All 22, I thought Flowers played very well, I think he was cut for cap purposes, I think we are getting back a very good LG. Yes Schweitzer was a very nice surprise last year, but I think Flowers wins the job.

Good call about LB competition in nickel packages. I was high on Bostic 2 years ago but last year he was a mess, I was hoping we sign somebody else...
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