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Re: QB or BPA for our #1 Draft Pick - 2020

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post
Let's see how the kid does the remainder of the season before we talk QB with the 1st rounder. I just want to see more improvement, be more decisive, let plays develop downfield, convert more 3rd downs, take less sacks, stop jumping in the air when you throw the ball.

Meanwhile Kirk Cousins is playing as good as any QB in football.
He does some strange things for absolutely no reason. Most of the time when you see a QB throw side arm, off his back foot, off balance etc,etc it is because he has defenders in his face. Haskins will do it from a clean pocket with clear throwing lanes. I think he needs to have a QB coach live with him during the off season, he won't amount to anything until he is fundamentally sound.
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