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Re: Dallas Cryboys Pre Game Thread

Originally Posted by Chico23231 View Post
Came into the office today and while driving in heard the Junkies interview Morgan Moses...and I caught something he said. I forget the question asked, but in Morgan's answer he made the point to say "Kevin O'Connell the last 2 games has called the entire game on offense." I took that to mean previously with this responsibility was co-opted most likely with Callahan.

Correlation that the offense as well as Haskins has look extremely better the last 2 games?

This is the bullshit that kills me.

O'Connell should've taken over play calling week 5.

Redskins fans are dying to crown this guy the next McVay but he hasn't done shit. I hope this team starts fresh and scraps everyone in the front office and coaching staff.
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